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Innovative E Scooters 

E -Glide G60

E -Glide G120


Skywalker 8s /Mantis Single & Dual  /Wolf Warrior

Widewheel  Dual 1000w/ Single 500w

Unagai Dual E 500 

*FTS  Electric Technical Services/Parts 

 Kaabo Wolf Warrior




About Freestyle Distribution

Australasia’s Premier Scooter Distributor

Started in 2008, Freestyle Distribution has developed into one of the world’s largest distributors of scooters, parts and accessories. Stocking a large selection of the most sought after brands and products in the industry.

Under a new management structure, the team at Freestyle Distribution are committed to providing the best level of service, and pricing along with the best quality of products to our Retailers.

As the sport and the scooter industry grows, we have invested heavily in helping our retailers reach new levels and are aiming at even higher success over the coming years. Our partnership with our retailers is only growing stronger and will continue to grow with new incentives and targeted marketing continually being developed by our exceptional team.

Being part of the Freestyle family is getting better and better, as we will be able to help you, as a retailer, achieve better margin and greater customer satisfaction through pricing tiers and full transparency in the purchasing of stock.